Why Do Copper Door and Window Awnings Turn Green?

You may have noticed from a business or a house with copper door and window awnings, that the copper seems to be turning green. It’s ok! You don’t need to get your eyes checked, it turns out copper over time oxidizes and becomes a beautiful green. This lovely pale green is also known as patina. If you have door or window copper awnings Chicago, although bright orange-red to start with, they will with time develop a green outer layer, or patina, which adds aesthetic value to your property.

The reason for this is chemicals in the atmosphere. When copper is exposed to the atmosphere for long periods of time and moisture, it begins to very slowly corrode. It is reacting with water, elements and other gasses in the air. As this happens the surface of the copper tarnishes and changes color, several chemical reactions happen resulting in the green outer layer known as patina.

Copper that has patina is sought after and can increase the value of your property. However if the green patina is not to your taste your copper can be cleaned.