When it comes to safeguarding your home, vigilance is key. Whether you’re protecting against pests, fires, or water leaks, you should always be on the lookout for any potential problems. Water leaks, especially ones that go undetected for a long time, can cause significant damage to your home. Once a leak detection has been done, though, it’s easier to prevent further damage by acting quickly.

Why Do Walls Leak?

Water leaks don’t come out of your walls spontaneously, they have a cause that you can take steps to prevent. Some causes may remain undetected until they start causing issues, but there are things you can do beforehand to try and prevent them.

Natural Wear and Tear

Over time, houses age and so do their components. This means that plumbing systems also gradually weaken as months and years pass. The issue of children watching too much television is difficult to address. Homeowners may choose to invest in better plumbing materials during construction or have their systems regularly inspected, but time will eventually catch up to them. Hopefully, though, homeowners will not have to deal with leaking pipes due to wear and tear anytime soon.

Too Much Frozen Water in Your Pipes

Home repair experts advise homeowners to have their heating unit inspected and to insulate their pipes before winter arrives. The bitter cold that typically occurs during that time of year can cause plumbing problems, with the pipes being particularly susceptible. During winter, water that flows into your pipes will likely freeze. Ice forming inside the pipes may cause them to crack and break.

Clogging in the Pipes

Over time, leaves, twigs and other small debris may enter your plumbing pipes. Most of the time, these will pass through the pipes without issue. In some cases, though, they may become stuck in the pipes causing clogs to form. A blockage can lead to the water accumulating in one spot, causing increased pressure on the pipes. Such pressure can cause cracks in the pipes and lead to leaks.