Advantages Of Masonry Chicago, IL

Water Resistant: While we assume home siding to be watertight, shingles age and holes open up with time, allowing water to penetrate. Aluminum siding, for example, is less prone to crack as it ages, although it can be damaged and ripped in harsh weather.

Maintenance: Masonry Chicago building is one of the most straightforward kinds of construction to maintain. It may take decades for the mortar to need to be repointed. Without touch-ups, cement driveways last just as long. Tar drives, on the other hand, require annual sealing and coating.

Resale Value: Despite the higher cost of construction, brick has a 6% rise in resale value. Masonry contractors Chicago can cover exteriors with “brick veneer.” These gorgeous thin bricks are real. The exterior appeal of brick homes attracts buyers, boosting resale values. Thus, masonry Chicago should be taken seriously.

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