5 Tips for Better Air Conditioning Performance

When it comes to receiving the best care and maintenance for your air conditioning or HVAC system, TEM Control is your best bet. Today we will briefly explain the 5 tips that you should consider in an ac service to improve the performance of your system.

Inspect the thermostat

As it is considered an important component of the system by regulating the room temperature, the thermostat should be checked during ac maintenance to see if it is in optimal condition. If there’s trouble using it, it is recommended to replace it.

Clean and replace the air filter regularly

It is advisable to clean the air filters during the air conditioning service, as it allows the airflow to be well maintained. 

Inspect the condensing unit

If your unit shows signs of deterioration in its fan blade, it is necessary to replace it due to the fact that it on the condensing unit’s optimal condition. If you experience overheating, melting insulation, or burned wires, it should be fixed through an ac repair process.

Read the external part of the system regularly

In this part, the external parts of the air conditioning unit must be completely cleaned using a garden hose. Besides, the system must be off.

Inspect system wiring

To verify the good condition of the system wiring, it is important to use an electrical tester in the area of ​​the system capacitor and check the contractor switch for damage that requires air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning Repair